EB5Proxy.com bundles an RIA with the newest, lowest-cost, fastest blockchain fund administration cloud platform so Regional Centers, NCE/JCE projects and investors can easily and affordably comply with USCIS’s 2022 regulations.



1. More cost-effective and compliant than annual audited financials—the blockchain prevents fraud in real time so project funding works for all EB-5 stakeholders--escrow banks, accountants, immigrant investors and their counsel and agents, and of course, USCIS.

2. Fees follow fund success and investor capital returns.

3.Protects investors’ fiduciary interests with a live RIA.

4. Tracks EB-5 project expenditures, escrow drawdowns and job creation in real time and gives each investor fund results in their own secure online data room.

5. Simplifies regular reporting on USCIS current forms in one click, which saves thousands of dollars and hundreds of work hours.

Blockchain Technology

Built to restore confidence in EB-5 Investing

Unlike any other platform, EB5Proxy.com is built by blockchain-savvy attorneys and RIAs who serve RCs, their projects and investors.

EB5Proxy.com boosts investor and regulator confidence because its blockchain makes EB-5 fraud 100% preventable, and puts RIAs risk-management front and center.

While others struggle with USCIS 2022 compliance, EB5Proxy.com users find regulatory integrity to be a competitive advantage.